Protected Cell Company

A Protected Cell Company (PCC) is an insurance vehicle whereby multiple 'cells' are connected to a core, creating a single legal entity. Any protected cell created has its own distinct name or designation however, it does not constitute a legal person which is separate from the Protected Cell Company.

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At Jatco Insurance Managers Limited we strive to offer innovative, flexible solutions that deliver the full benefits of today’s alternative risk mechanisms backed by a solid foundation of knowledge, experience, and industry leadership. Our aim at Jatco Managers is to develop cost-effective alternative risk solutions that enable clients to maintain affordable and flexible insurance coverage, improve cash flow, and control expenses.

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Eversure Cell

Eversure Cell is a subsidiary of Eversure Limited which was established to offer a meaningful EU/EEA solution to its insurance brokerage business, mainly Car Hire Excess and Bicycle Insurance policies, which were previously offered via Eversure Limited.

The Cell obtained its licence on the 14th February 2023 to carry out insurance broker activities within the Jatco PCC structure. It will continue to service its EU/EEA clients, mainly in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Germany.

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