Protected Cell Company

A Protected Cell Company (PCC) is an insurance vehicle whereby multiple 'cells' are connected to a core, creating a single legal entity. Any protected cell created has its own distinct name or designation however, it does not constitute a legal person which is separate from the Protected Cell Company.

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Insurance Managers

At Jatco Insurance Managers Limited we strive to offer innovative, flexible solutions that deliver the full benefits of today’s alternative risk mechanisms backed by a solid foundation of knowledge, experience, and industry leadership. Our aim at Jatco Managers is to develop cost-effective alternative risk solutions that enable clients to maintain affordable and flexible insurance coverage, improve cash flow, and control expenses.

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Personal Insurance

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Company Overview

Jatco Insurance Brokers are dedicated to excellence in service. Our mission is to identify each client’s unique insurance and risk management needs and offer the best possible products and services that will address these needs.
We are made up of a team of professionals capable of supporting all your insurance-related needs through extensive contacts in the local and international markets. This enables us to obtain the best deals for our corporate clients by also negotiating with insurance companies to offer the best tailor-made solutions. Our expertise enables us to provide our clients with results, including all technical information, from reliable sources and in a timely manner.


We seek to achieve excellence through our commitment to people, developing close relationships with clients and suppliers. This relationship is based on the confidence in our integrity, professionalism and ability to deliver.

Worldwide Representation

We have represented leading insurance companies that are committed to providing the highest quality products and services both locally and internationally. We believe that experience and contacts in the industry are key elements that will assist us in building fruitful insurance schemes for you. Furthermore, we always make sure that any account is handled smoothly by a selected team of dedicated brokers always ready to be of service to you.


Jatco was set up as a tied intermediary in 1987. In 1998, the company was granted a license to operate as an Insurance Broker by the Malta Financial Services Authority, consequently licensed under the Insurance Distribution Act Cap. 487.

In 2013, Jatco was converted and licensed to operate as a Protected Cell Company in terms of the Companies Act (Cell Companies Carrying on Business of Insurance) Regulations, 2010.

Today we have a number of licensed cells. We are currently handling the license applications for various new insurance brokerage cells, within our PCC structure.

Individual Attention

Here at Jatco we believe in giving you the individual attention you deserve and we strive hard in order to ensure that all our customers are satisfied.

Broker networks have been an invaluable part of our business. They have enabled us to tap into markets which are not always locally available.

Jatco forms part of WING (Worldwide Insurance Network Group) which is an international network of insurance brokers with a single company approach.


They are made up of strong established companies each of which can offer the insight and expertise required in order to ensure that the best results are obtained from the global programme.

Our Objectives

Jatco was set up to provide insurance coverage for clients situated in Malta and mainland Europe.

Our priority is meeting up with our clients and prospective customers to discuss and advise on their insurance needs. We carry follow-ups by obtaining various quotes from the local market. When necessary, we get quotes from foreign markets to provide the best possible insurance for the risk that is being covered.

At Jatco, we offer insurance products ranging from personal insurances to commercial policies for corporate clients. We are now setting up Insurance Brokerage Cells. We ensure there is a continuous high level of customer service throughout the whole process, from quote stage up until claims settlement. Our qualified and trained personnel are able to give each customer the individual attention one deserves!

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