Protected Cell Company

A Protected Cell Company (PCC) is an insurance vehicle whereby multiple 'cells' are connected to a core, creating a single legal entity. Any protected cell created has its own distinct name or designation however, it does not constitute a legal person which is separate from the Protected Cell Company.

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Motor Insurance

With an average of more than 50 vehicles being registered every day, cars and motorcycles in the Maltese islands are at an exponential increase. The law in Malta clearly states that individuals owning a motor vehicle must also be in possession of a valid motor insurance policy.
Our insurance policy ranges from third party, fire and theft, to fully comprehensive. At Jatco we offer a variety of discounts and options that best suit your needs offering great value insurance that you can rely on.

We offer the following types of motor insurance: A Comprehensive Cover which pays for damage to the insured vehicle irrespective of liability for the accident, Third Party Fire and Theft insurance and Third Party Cover. The latter is the minimum cover required by the Maltese law.


There is also the option to cover road side assistance, personal belongings or injury.


Insurance certificates are also offered, and licences are issued instantly, ensuring that the renewal of your motor insurance goes smoothly.


Our policies can cover personal motor vehicles, motorcycles and commercial vehicle.



Road Licence Renewal

We provide hassle-free renewal of your Road Licence. Through our online system, we will simply need your credit card details for the renewal to get paid automatically.


Alternatively, you can make use of Jatco’s Credit Card to renew your road licence. The service incurs a small charge.


Your renewed licence disc will then be sent to you by post or you can come to collect it as you please.



Green Card Insurance

We also offer the service of a Green Card Insurance for using a vehicle abroad.


All motor insurance policies provide third party liability cover when the insured vehicle is used in EU countries. The list also includes non-EU states such as Croatia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.


In accordance with EU regulations and the Green Card agreement, vehicles registered in the states mentioned above states do not require a Green Card when travelling. The registration plate is sufficient proof that the vehicle carries the minimum third-party liability cover required by law.


However, that being said the Policy holder’s are still required to inform us that they will be using their motor vehicle abroad. In case you wish to retain your Third Party Fire and Theft cover or Comprehensive cover, also when abroad, you need to apply for Green Card Insurance which will extend your cover to when abroad, from Third Party Only to their preferred cover.


Should you choose this option, we will issue an endorsement which extends cover outside Malta for the required period.


We can provide you with an International Certificate of Insurance – a Green Card – as proof of your insurance cover.


The application for Green Card Insurance has to be submitted at least 1 week prior to travelling. The names of the persons driving the vehicle when abroad is also required together with the ID number and Date of Birth.

Insurance Types

Fully Comprehensive

Third Party

Fire and Theft

Green Card

What does this cover?

  • Fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third part only cover.
  • Insurance for all vehicles including motorcycles and commercial.
  • Green Card Insurance to cover your vehicle when used abroad.

For further information on the policy, kindly refer to our team for a copy of the full policy wording in relation to the insurance product you are interested in, for you to be able to make an informed decision

Insurance Types

Fully Comprehensive

Third Party

Fire and Theft

Green Card

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